pbGROUP's "Design + BIM" philosophy is centered around providing uniquely developed BIM solutions to address each of our Clients' specific needs and project challenges. We encourage a highly interactive and collaborative relationship to generate innovative building designs that can be constructed with minimal conflict or delay. To facilitate this interactive and collaborative BIM design and construction experience, pbGROUP makes use of cutting-edge computer visualization tools, software, and cloud-based information management systems. This allows us to generate virtual reality representations of the project, which in turn allows our Clients to experience their project in an information-rich, lifelike environment.  By supporting the 3D Model Development of projects from initial Programming and Conceptual Design all the way through Design Documentation and Construction phases, pbGROUP allows for greater investigation of potential design options and provides a higher level of assurance that constructability has not been compromised.  Utilizing BIM + clash detection processes can eliminate up to 90% of conflicts typically seen in construction.   Using BIM to generate quantity take-offs during design helps to control costs and eliminate material overages.

Our Architectural Design Services include:
 Full BIM Integratione Analysis & Site Utilization Studies  Master Planning Services Site Optimization Solutions  Life Cycle Cost Analysis Studies 
 Interior (FF&E) Design and Procurement  Sustainable Design Planning & Facilitation  Construction Administration Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a tool for visualizing the complexity in the development of designs, as well as the realistic assembly of Building Construction.  BIM is a computer-generated, virtual building environment that is 3D, highly interactive, and provides valuable information to all parties involved.  pbGROUP views BIM as "Virtual Construction", with a built-in informational database.  BIM generates a powerful platform from which one can segue into management of facility operations/maintenance.  pbGROUP can show Clients how to make the most of their BIM projects to streamline their facility operations.

Examples of BIM Services pbGROUP can provide include:
 2D & 3D Component Libraries and Standards  Fully Customized Templates  Material Library & Mapping Value Development
 Paperless Quality Control & Coordination  Specification Linkage to Model Components  Laser Scan Point Cloud Model Development

By providing special consulting services in BIM integration support pbGROUP can assist our Clients in promoting efficiency in building/facility management, thereby reducing expenses related to building operations.  Additionally, with the utilization of web-based management applications, pbGROUP has the capabilities to communicate/collaborate in real-time with clients.

pbGROUP's BIM integration can include:
Template/Project Standards specific to each Client BIM Model Oversight during Design & Construction BIM Model Validation - Commissioning Services
Web Based Data-Network Development and Management  On-Site Support Services

Utilizing BIM during construction allows pbGROUP to closely track and manage our Client's projects with a high level of quality assurance and quality control.  Furthermore, it allows the Client to be assured that the model is an accurate virtual representation of the built environment, which is critical for facility management.
The use of BIM in construction has many benefits.  Through early coordination and conflict detection, BIM + fabrication drawings can solve up to 85% of the field RFI issues.  Fully-coordinated and dimensioned shop drawings (generated from the design model) and models (generated specifically for shop and fabrication drawings) can cut field installation time by 25%.  Using the fabrication drawings to generate a bill of materials for each discipline can reduce material overages and save on material waste.

Construction Phase BIM Integration includes:
 Construction Sequencing & Phasing Studies  Shop Fabrication Detailing   Validation of the Contractor's Record Model 
 Record Drawing Modeling  Close-Out Documentation & Information Linkage to BIM  INTERACTIVE PDF Documentation - Close-Out Documentation
 Laser Scan Point Cloud Model Development  Seismic Hanger - Design, Detailing and Scheduling  

In these unique delivery methods, our experts will be active and instrumental in managing the project team to streamline the coordination process and provide a collaborated product.

Services that pbGROUP can provide for DB/VDC are:
BIM Execution Plan Development & Implementation Constructability Reviews BIM Coordination of Design & Construction Teams
Clash Detection Review and Report Documentation Laser Scan Point Cloud Model Development  

pbGROUP will provide the tools necessary in post-construction services to allow the Client to more efficiently manage operations/maintenance for the lifecycle of the facility.

pbGROUP's Life Cycle Facility Management Services can include:
 Property Condition Assessments  Inventory Documentation
 Database Programming & Development  Building/Facility Maintenance Scheduling   

During the course of the project, pbGROUP's visualization/presentation services will bring the project to life through realistic images and animations.

Visualization & Presentation materials can include:
 Renderings & Animations  Construction Sequencing Simulations  
 Photogrammetry on Existing Buildings & Environments  Stereoscopic 3D Visualizations (S3D)